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Objexx Engineering


ObjexxSISAME Suite

ObjexxSISAME Suite includes the tools, documentation, and support to perform structural impact modeling.


ObjexxPlot performs technical plotting as part of the ObjexxSISAME Suite and is available separately.


The Objexx Fortran-C++ Library (ObjexxFCL) provides Fortran-compatible C++ array, string, formatted i/o, and intrinsic function support for Fortran-to-C++ conversions and components to support reengineering and modernization of technical applications.

The ObjexxFCL is included with our Fortran-to-C++ conversion projects and can be licensed separately. The ObjexxFCL is provided in C++ source form with a perpetual, royalty-free license that allows client modification.


The Objexx Fortran ToolKit (ObjexxFTK) is a collection of Fortran development support packages including a unit testing framework, assertion support, array functions, and string functions.

Customization and Porting

Objexx provides extensions and platform ports of our software products to meet client requirements.

Licensing and Support

All software licenses are perpetual and include one year of technical support and software updates. Technical support covers basic usage questions and problem resolution. Development and ObjexxSISAME modeling and training services are available to meet more extensive client requirements.

Contact Objexx for additional licensing and platform/pricing information.