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Objexx Engineering

ObjexxPlot Technical Plotting Application

ObjexxPlot is a high-performance engineering and scientific plotting application. ObjexxPlot is part of the ObjexxSISAME Suite but is also a general-purpose plotting tool.

ObjexxPlot GUI

ObjexxPlot Features

ObjexxPlot provides rapid, high-quality plotting of large data sets. It can plot time series and general X-Y data sets. In the default overlay mode signals are grouped into plot tabs by data type automatically.

Supported inputs include ASCII column formatted files and NHTSA UDS (binary) files. ObjexxPlot can extract dimensional type and units from the top lines and will skip over non-numeric header lines to find the data in ASCII files.

Some of the other capabilities include:

  • Zooming and panning are provided with mouse controls.
  • Curve line thickness and data point dot display can be controlled both from the command line and the GUI.
  • Curves are antialiased to provide presentation-quality results.
  • Curves can be highlighted by individual or group selection within the on-screen legend.
  • Full paths can be displayed in the legend if needed to distinguish comparison plots.
  • Plots can be printed and exported to PDF and a range of image file formats. The current zoom and display state is preserved in the printed and exported images. Legends are generated for printed and exported images.
  • ObjexxPlot is cross-platform and is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

ObjexxPlot Origins and Future

ObjexxPlot was developed after a series of unsatisfactory trials with other cross-platform plotting tools such as Kst. None of them provided the powerful command line and ease of use desired for a plotting companion to ObjexxSISAME.

While ObjexxPlot meets current needs for ObjexxSISAME it will surely be extended to provide more capabilities and support additional input and output formats. Suggestions from users are always welcomed.

Obtaining ObjexxPlot

ObjexxPlot is part of the ObjexxSISAME Suite but may also be licensed separately. Contact Objexx for additional information on obtaining ObjexxPlot.