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Objexx Engineering

ObjexxSISAME Visualization

ObjexxSISAME provides real-time visualization of the model configuration to aid in model construction and then of the simulation event. Real-time visualization is built with OpenSceneGraph, which is built on OpenGL®. Displays can be navigated via mouse with zoom, rotate, and pan capabilities.

The OpenSceneGraph display, while not at the quality level of the POV-Ray™ images, is quite good, as these samples of ObjexxSISAME models show.

Frontal Offset Model


ObjexxSISAME modeling is not restricted to vehicles, as these samples demonstrate. ObjexxSISAME comes with a set of analytical (verified against closed form solutions) and whimsical models to help acquaint new users with the range of its modeling capabilities.

Objexx offers the ObjexxSISAME Suite and provides ObjexxSISAME training, modeling, and customization services.

Objexx provides OpenSceneGraph Windows binaries for the OSG community.