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Objexx Engineering

ObjexxSISAME Services

ObjexxSISAME Modeling

ObjexxSISAME modeling projects can be performed independently by Objexx or in collaboration with client engineering staff.

Modeling projects span the range of ObjexxSISAME capabilities:

  • Basic frontal impact models for simulation of other impact speeds or vehicle-to-vehicle impacts
  • Multi-modal models that cover a range of impact events
  • Angled offset event models
  • Side-impact models
  • Models of or including occupant components
  • Vehicle design optimization producing a redesigned structure that best achieves a performance standard subject to design and cost constraints

Modeling projects may include some or all of these activities:

  • Specify instrumentation needed to achieve modeling goals
  • Assess and preprocess test data
  • Model configuration and extraction
  • Model simulation of events of interest
  • Redesign optimization to meet a specified performance standard
  • Integrate ObjexxSISAME models with other modeling systems

Contact Objexx for further information on ObjexxSISAME modeling.

ObjexxSISAME Training

On-site ObjexxSISAME training for new and experienced users is available. Sessions are highly interactive and progress in phases from basic modeling tasks to more advanced techniques, depending on the experience level of the group. We encourage attendees to prepare some data for hands-on modeling. Training is generally scheduled in one, two, or three day sessions for up to 20 attendees.

Contact Objexx for further information on ObjexxSISAME training.

ObjexxSISAME Customization

Objexx provides custom ports and versions of ObjexxSISAME to meet specific clients requirements.

Contact Objexx for further information on ObjexxSISAME customization.