Objexx Engineering

Company Profile

Objexx Engineering, Inc. has over twenty-five years of experience in engineering and scientific software development, algorithm design, and engineering systems modeling. Objexx specializes in agile, object-oriented designs and solutions for complex scientific and engineering systems, with expertise in structural impact modeling, biomolecular modeling, nuclear fuel rod modeling, signal processing, and optimization. Objexx has a track record of successful large-scale reengineering projects.

Objexx is the designer and developer of the unique SISAME vehicle crash modeling system that performs optimal model extraction as well as simulation. Objexx provides SISAME modeling tools and software development services to the automotive safety community.

Objexx has expertise in a range of development languages and tools and takes great care in helping clients select the appropriate mix of technologies for each project. Most development is done in C++, Python, or Fortran, including hybrid applications such as a Python wrapper around a C++ or legacy Fortran computational core. Cross-platform graphical interfaces are usually built using the excellent Qt/PyQt/PySide framework. Documentation can be built with any of a number of systems that Objexx is familiar with. Objexx can provide installation and support on client systems.

Objexx completes projects successfully and to the highest standards.

The Recent Projects page provides a look the range of activities at Objexx.

Objexx Engineering, Inc. is based in the Boston metropolitan area of the USA.